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Exploria SPS has developed the industry's leading sales performance software for Continuous Loop Marketing™ (CLM) between pharma marketing, sales and their customer prescribers.

Exploria SPS is a second generation mobile device detailing platform that offers significant improvement in speed, flexibility, ease of use, scalability and content development. We support native media formats with unlimited tracking and updating on layers of interactive assets.

We do not need a learning curve to deliver value immediately



Exploria's direct-to-desktop, Community Network Platform technology has been helping pharma manage content and compliance for interactions between business units, prescribers, KOLs, regulatory and more. The newest line in our core competency is built upon the same architecture and utilizes our learning's to efficiently and effectively maximize selling situations with a compelling use of content.

Exploria SPS has delivered a solution that meets universal client demand of ease of integration, low cost, and scalability. Using our experience in the pharma space moving large volumes of content among thousands of healthcare professionals, we have put our expertise to use and responded to demand with a complete solution.



Watch live webinar: Making Multichannel Marketing and Sales Work for You

On 23 November 2010 we teamed up with digital communications strategy and content specialist Refreshed Wellbeing, management consulting and outsourcing authority Kinapse and InPharm.com for a live webinar on how to turn Multichannel Marketing and Sales (MCM) aspirations into reality for pharma. From organizational and people matters through to effective use of content and technology, truly successful MCM is a major change that requires stakeholder collaboration and coordination throughout your business.

Attended by over 100 delegates, the event was peppered with relevant case studies and covered areas including:
•    How to have a robust business case for MCM
•    How to ensure your organization is ready for MCM and how to recognize the challenges
•    How to use technology to reach customers efficiently and cost-effectively in a multichannel, multi-device world
•    How to create content and devise data collection that works for you and for HCPs
•    How to get started

If you were unable to join us in the live webinar, you can still watch it here: 


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